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Yoga Teacher Training Course
Yoga Teacher Training Course - Read More
Yoga Teacher Training Course Yoga Teacher Training Course - Read More

We offer you the Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher's Training Courses for Hatha, Kundalini, Yoga Therapy and Multi Styles which also includes insights from other great styles like Iyengar, and Sivananda for more deeper and advanced learning experience.

Yoga Teacher Training provides a systematic & structured understanding of yoga practices and the method of teaching yoga. Yoga is not just postures. It is a complete science to be learnt thoroughly before one decides for teaching. Yoga Teachers Training opens the new frontiers and dimensions for learning Yoga teaching techniques.

Yoga Retreats in Goa, India
Yoga Retreats in Goa, India - Read More

The modern day hectic and never ceasing urban life patterns can really drain a lot out of you. We keep chasing the health, peace, prosperity and receive few undesirable by-products like stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction and imbalance (Physical & mental) along with the common gains.

If you really want to take a break, get away from everyday routine, connect to yourself and recharge your energy channels, and if you are really serious about experiencing Yoga, then what better place to do so than India - Land of cultural diversity, exotic places & Yoga? Why not to experience it at Goa, known for its serene and beautiful beaches lined with white sands and fabulous tourist spots of holiday?

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat (10 days)
  • Yoga Detox and Wellness Retreat (7 days)
  • Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat (10 days )
  • Karma Yoga and Yoga Philosophy Work shop (7 days)
  • Upward Spiral Program - Integrated Chakra Course based on Kriya and Kundalini Yoga (14 Days) Schedule
  • Mantra Yoga and Meditations from Tantra (10 days)

Yoga Classes & Workshop in Goa

You can visit our drop - in yoga classes and workshops in Manderam, North Goa. We are based at Mandram beach , just 7 kms from Anjuna and Vagator beaches and 2 to 4 kms from Ashwem and Morjim beaches. Located in the fascinating heritage eco friendly green surrounding, Yoga Practice in the peaceful surroundings and ambiance is simply enchanting!!

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Tantra Yoga & Workshop in Goa

Tantra - A Path to experience Spiritual and Personal transformation. Introduce yourself to the beautiful ancient practices which move you deeper & deeper into oneness in love !!! Re-awakening and reconnecting with the wonder of your unique nature & beauty. A space to gently grow in confidence towards living life more simply from the heart.

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Ayurevda Retreats & Treatments

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine from India that uses a constitutional model. Its aim is to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and individuals with health challenges can improve their health.

School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda offers traditional authentic Ayurveda Training and Certification courses where experienced Ayurveda doctors and Therapists trainers train and teach you to understand and learn this wonderful ancient holistic healing science


  • Basic Ayurevda Course
  • Advanced Ayurveda Course
  • Ayurveda Massahe and Panchkarma course (AMPT)
  • Ayurveda clinical experience Course
  • Ayurveda Herbology
  • Ayurveda Diet and Nutrition Course

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Ayurevda Retreats & Treatments

Experience the miraculous ability of this ancient Indian Healing medical science to treat and cure you. We humans are nothing but the part of nature and so we are nature in itself. Ayurveda is also a holistic medical science derived from nature and for the nature. The cure lies within us. Ayurveda opens your eyes to what you eat, what you think and how you live your day to day life. If you are tuned to your true self then your diet, sleep, mind, habits will be also be tuned to what's good for you. Ayurveda not only provides cure but goes a one step ahead in showing you the prevention. After all- "Prevention is better than Cure."

Ayurveda Retreat in Goa is the perfect opportunity for you to get a taste of Ayurveda. Located in the fascinating lush green North Goan beach Manderam, well placed close to famous Anjuna and Arambol, ashswem beaches in North, we are in the lap of the nature providing you the most eco-friendly peaceful Ayurveda retreats in the perfect set up and mood.

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Medtitation & Vipassana Retreats

Meditation is universal. It is a gift given to mankind to access the infinite sprit not limited by any identity. Are you losing the balance between your mind and body? Are you suffering from minor or major physical, mental and emotional sickness? Have you lost your peace and poise in past few years or been struggling to attain for long? Do you feel consciously or unconsciously that you are not contended with your life in spite of achieving all or few of your important goals and there's still a vacuum inside you?

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Vedic Astrology

Pratik Agrawal is a professional Astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu consultant. He is well qualified with degrees in Management, Business and Trade. After being an educationist and independent successful entrepreneur for more than 9 years, he could not stay away from his deeply seated heartfelt passion, inclination for Vedic Studies and Astrology. He has been studying and practicing these divine Vedic Sciences for many years now.
He provides Jyotish consultation for life problems and issues with remedial solutions and measures.
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