Yoga Testimonials

Testimonials from our students: TTC's and Yoga Retreats (2012)

" We looked all over India for a yogi, some- one we felt connected to. The moment we met Pratikji, we knew our search was over. For us, his two hour yoga classes were like a journey through the wildernesses of our own bodies and spirits. The whole sequence has a flow and rhythm to it that we had never before experienced (nor have we since). The breathing exercises at the end of the class are amazing, relaxing, and centering. He knew when to let us struggle and when to support and show us the baby-steps."
-Adrain, Alaska, USA

" I did yoga with Pratikji at SOHYAA for more than one month and it is what kept me so long in Goa. Every day I float away from class with a big smile on my face! With hardly any experience in yoga, now I feel the change in my body and mind - thanks to him. I would recommend to anyone who wants to feel uplifted both physically and spiritually."
-Alex and Lisa Shelton, Manchester, UK

"I was fortunate to meet Pratik, and his genuine approach to yoga, at the right time of my life. I ended up staying for a month to follow his teachings and learned so much - not only about techniques but mostly about myself, as Pratikji was the perfect mirror in which I could see how far from "yoga" I was, even after about 5 years of daily practice. Still today his words or his silence resonate in me every time I step on my mat."
-Ben Owen, Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda Therapist, UK

"I practiced yoga with my master Pratikji and planning to come again for my teachers training next year. Thanks to very sincere and helpful teachers. I was able to do many hours of genuine training which helped me much on my spiritual life and of course physically and mentally also."
-Adriana, Physiotherapist & Massage Therapist, France

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to study yoga with Pratikji in India. He has a vast knowledge of yoga and the very thought of him helps me to achieve many things in my practice as well as in life. It's life changing to have him as my teacher. I would highly recommend studying yoga with him if you really want to know what yoga can do for you."
-Fabiana, Switerland, Medical Assistant & Nurse

"Pratikji was the first yoga teacher in my life and I hope he will remain the only one. The training I received from him was complete: the serenity of prayers and the energy of Sun salutations, the integrity of the traditional Hatha Yoga asanas and the deep relaxation, and the healing power of the pranayamas... His style of teaching and personal conduct is both awesome and inspiring.
-Valeriya, Russia, Teacher