Visa Requirements for Goa

You will need a valid Tourist visa to enter India. To obtain this you will need to contact your local Indian High Commission, fill in the application form, which is usually available to download online, and take it to them or send it in along with the required fee. This can take up to 10 days and your visa is activated from the day you get it rather than upon entry into the country. When stating your purpose on your visa form it is best to say Tourism rather than Yoga.

On your visa application you will be asked to give references in India of where you are staying, you can use the following:
Mr Prateek Agrawal,
House No.: 249/B- 1,
Tum Wadda, Korgaon,
Near Korgaon Church,
Pernem, North Goa, 403512

Travel Insurance

As with any holiday travel insurance is always recommended.


It is recommended that you visit your GP, personal physician or a travel health clinic 4 to 8 weeks before your departure to India. Recommended vaccinations often include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and polio. Goa is not a high-risk area for malaria and the tablets can be considered controversial, we recommend that you do some research and make your own decision on this.

What to bring

Most of these items can be purchased locally in Goa and for cheaper than in the West, but you may want to have them with you if you don't want to spend your first couple of days shopping.

  • Yoga mat: We do have loan mats that you can use, however it is always nice to have your own.
  • Warm yoga clothes: If you are visiting in December and January it is hot once the sun comes up and you can spend all day on the beach but the mornings can be chilly during practice so its best to have a track suit or something warm
  • Money: Cash and travellers cheques can be exchanged to rupees, the Indian currency, within a 5 to 10 minute taxi ride from SOHYAA and there are also some ATMs within a 10 to 15 minute taxi ride. You would want to have some funds on your arrival, which you can purchase at your airport of departure, however rupees are not to be taken out of India on your return. For the up to date exchange rate see
  • Electrical adaptors: Goa operates on 220V, the same 2 prong plugs as Europe, which are different from North America.
  • Beach towel or sarong: We provide room towels at SOHYAA but ask that you do not bring them to the beach. You can purchase sarongs on your first trip to the beach, which are an excellent alternative to packing a heavy towel.
  • Driving licence: If you plan on hiring a car or scooter you will need to have your home country driving license.
  • Torch / flashlight: Power outages are frequent in India and part of the charm but you might want some help seeing in the dark.
  • Earplugs: If you are sensitive sleeper, India is noisy, even with the jungle noises at SOHYAA.
  • Mosquito repellent: Although an excellent version called Odomos is available widely.
  • Sunscreen: You will need to take care against the strong sun, especially when arriving from winter.