Vaastu & Astrology

  1. Excellent health enjoyed by all inhabitants
  2. Prosperity in all spheres of life
  3. Strong family bonds and happiness
  4. Protection from chronic diseases
  5. Excellence of children in education
  6. Protection from accidents, surgeries and theft
  7. Protection from litigation
  8. Sound positive vibrations in the house and work place

Vishwakarma the founder of Vaastu Shastra enumerates the benefits of Vaastu as under;

“This science is whole and complete. It can bring happiness to every one on earth. It can bestow on every human being the fourtypes of happiness which every one aspires for; They are; Happiness in money matters, Rightful living, and fulfillment of all worldly desires and can bestow blissful state. By a knowledge of this science man becomes divine. It can give everyone greatest happiness and this is the dictate of Gods.”